The Australian Association of Procurement and Contract Management is an Australian organisation that provides support and recognition for Australian procurement professionals working in Government, Local Government and private enterprise.

At AAPCM, we are all about actively promoting the professionalisation of Procurement and Contract Management in Australia.

AAPCM supports and encourages the uptake of AQF qualifications in procurement. AAPCM recognises for membership purposes the AQF qualifications issued by all Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Some RTOs offer discounts to AAPCM members for vocational education qualifications and professional development programs.

AAPCM professional certification provides skills recognition and status to members and confidence to employers.

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  • Good news story from the Not for Profit sector about a group of NFPs that have banded together to improve their buying power in a type of cooperative procurement arrangement.

  • Scottish public sector employees can share IT procurement information with each other via a digital hub.

  • This item from Transparency International suggests that procurement officers must understand the beneficial ownership of companies that tender for work to reduce conflicts of interest and other forms of procurement corruption.